The Mixed Chorus of Nafpaktos was founded in 1987 and currently consists of over 50 active members. It has since been continuously performing and participating in Cultural Events not only in Nafpaktos and Greece but also in different European Countries and Cities of other Continents. It has taken part in Chorus Contests and Festivals in Austria in 1992, in Bulgaria in 1994, 2002 and 2006, in Germany in 1998, in Romania in 2004, in the Ukraine in 2004, in Italy in 1995, 2000, 2002 and 2019, in Cyprus in 2006, in Hungary in 2017, in Monaco in 2019 and in the Czech Republic but to name a few.  It has also visited America – New York –  Philadelphia – Chicago twice in 2007 and 2010 as well as Istanbul in 1997 and 2009 where they performed in honour of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

The Mixed Chorus of Nafpaktos was awarded the 1st Award of Excellence in 2006 at the 16th Panhellenic Choral Contest. Since 2001, every second year, and in cooperation with the Municipality of Nafpaktia, the Mixed Chorus of Nafpaktos host the INTERNATIONAL CHORAL FESTIVAL OF NAFPAKTOS “MIKIS THEODORAKIS” which has become a well known and established Choral Competition in Greece. To date, more than 100 Choirs from Greece and Europe have participated in the contest.

In December 2010, the Mixed Chorus of Nafpaktos took part in “The Concert of Love” at The Opera House of Athens which was dedicated to Disabled People. In March 2013, it was invited to perform before the President of Democracy Mr. Karolos Papoulias at the Presidential Palace. In May 2014 as part of the 7th  INTERNATIONAL CHORAL FESTIVAL OF NAFPAKTOS “MIKIS THEODORAKIS”,  the Mixed Chorus of Nafpaktos won a place in the Guinness World Record by organizing a spectacular concert.

The Mixed Chorus of Nafpaktos has performed and sung many great musical works of the worldwide repertoire and of distinguished Greek composers, songwriters and lyricists and has also cooperated with Greek and Foreign Symphonic Orchestras.  Its Choral Conductor is Todor Kabakchiev, who has been responsible of the Choirs Art Direction since May, 1997 and its accompanying pianist is Zizi Korkontzelou.