Nafpaktos’ Women Association

The association was founded in 2006. Its primary objective is to promote local products. Products are prepared according to old traditional recipes with local organic ingredients. The association invites you to taste fresh, natural, preservatives free products. You may found in the shop deserts such as walnut, bitter orange, bergamot, fig, eggplant, plum, apple, quince, strawberry, carrot, grape, watermelon with honey, cherry, pumpkin, orange, sour cherry. We also recommend that you try the traditional but forgotten for many years almond desert that our association brought back. Moreover you may find marmalades such as apricot, peach, plum, strawberry, apple, pomegranate, fig, orange, vanilla-apple-pear, kiwi, plum, tangerine, cherry; traditional pasta like trahana (sweet – sour – wheat) and hilopites (thick-thin-rustic-fasting); homemade liqueurs such as cherry, mandarin, bergamot, strawberry, amaretto, rakomelo; organic honey; chamomile tea; raki; wine and homemade syrups like sour cherry, strawberry and cherry. The association’s shop is located in the port.

Tel: 2634024254, 6932195682.