Loutra Stachtis

Loutra Stachtis and its sanative springs are known from ancient times for treating illnesses like arthritis, skin problems dermatoses, rheumatism and that they are even appropriate for drinking therapy. Today bath facilities operate along with a small hotel and a restaurant.
Loutra Stachtis are offered for development initiatives that will also contribute in the development of the greater area.
Comparative advantages, beyond the healing properties of water include:
Natural environment. It is located in a verdant area. In the 95 acres that surround it, but also in the greater surroundings plane trees, holly reedbuck, oak trees and many other plants dominate and create a unique environment. The area is a natural hideout of many endemic species like deer, wild bores and other animals and birds that make up the fauna of the area. The complex of the mountains, the stone bridges along the banks of the Evinos and Kotsalos Rivers give the opportunity for hiking and walking.
The eminent position. Loutra Stachtis are in the area which is 30 kilometres from Nafpaktos and 40 kilometers from the Rio Hospital (distances that facilitate visitors of all ages from big residential centres even for the weekend). The location of thermal springs on the tourist map of the area (Nafpaktos, Evinolimni, Upper Town, Thermo, Bursa, Karpenissi) can make it a central Development Center, especially given the radial road connection with the aforementioned city-regions. The area of thermal springs along with Evinolimni and Apodotia and can be one of the three pillars of development of mountainous Nafpaktia.
The integration of the valley that surrounds the thermal spring area in programs those promote biological production (animal and plant). In the valley that is formed between Poriari and Evinos a biological farming program is already in progress.
Thermo Environmental Centre has launched a Environmental Educational program for students that includes visits to the greater area of Loutra Stachtis (Evinos, Kareli, Artotiva Bridge etcetera). Through the educational programs and visits students become familiar with the area and they turn out to be the best ambassadors of the greater area and their hometown.
The small distance of Loutra Stachtis from Evinos River (Poros – Hani Bania) that has become a centre for river sports and activities (Kayak, canoeing, rafting) and gathers a large number of visitors.
The character of the new investment. It is believed that Loutropiyi Stachtis must be a major point of reference for mountainous Nafpaktia. In other words it can be turned into a modern Loutropoli (spa) that will attract: users of hot springs; young people who are looking for escape and contact with natural environment; people who want alternative forms of vacation; hunters; hikers and weekend vacationers.
In order for Loutropiyi to become attractive to the demanding visitor it must be exploited. This means the realization of investments for the building of modern hotel (units), swimming pools, baths, sports facilities, restaurants and cafés, a convention centre, a special unit to organize river activities, special unit for cultural events. All these of course presuppose the appropriate shaping of the surrounding area.