Nafpaktos is a beautiful city, built amphitheatrically on a pine filled hillside. It has 18,231 permanent residents and it is the second largest city of the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. It is 42km from Mesologgi and 10 km from Antirrio. Nafpaktos is a contemporary city; able to meet all its visitors yet it keeps its traditional style.
The port, with its watchtowers guarding the entrance, charms even the most demanding guests. Also its well preserved Venetian castle on the top of the hill is one of the most beautiful castles in Greece and a real gem for the city.
Nafpaktos is a city with lots of activity year round that increases during the summer. The visitor can find taverns, restaurants, cafés and bars in the city centre but also at the beaches nearby or on the hill of the castle that offers a view of the Corinthian Gulf.