Port of Nafpaktos

The small, picturesque port has the shape of a horseshoe with an opening of 35 meters. Left and right to the entrance are two towers. After the city’s liberation in 1829 the port still remained an important transportation and commercial centre that gave live to the city. Transportation to the shore of Achaia, Psathopyrgos and Patras were made by small boat. Also for many years the transportation with the prefecture capital Mesologgi, was made with small boats from Nafpaktos to Patra and from there to Kryoneri – Galata and then through local roads one could reach Mesologgi.

At the outer harbour of Nafpaktos large ships with goods arrived which were transported to the villages of mountainous Nafpaktia and Dorida. These activities gave life to the port and the surrounding area, Stenopazaro. Many families lived off of the port, sailors, marine workers, cart operators and other professionals. This situation lasted until the middle of the 20th century, and more specifically 1947, when the ferry Rio – Antirrio was created. Then Nafpaktos began to lose two of her main sectors of economic life. The port commercial activity and the transit trade which are now easier facilitated by the increased use of cars.
Today the small picturesque port accepts daily dozens of small cruise and sailing ships with European travellers especially during the summer months.