Lepanto Runners

Lepanto Runners was founded in Nafpaktos on January 20th 2009 as a non profit organization. Its full name is “Lepanto, Long distances and marathons runners association”.
Objectives of Lepanto Runners are:
1. Improving fitness and racing skills of members and their friends through the sport.
2. The uplifting of athletic spirit and development of friendship and cooperation between those who love sports, especially long distances running.
3. The creation of solidarity and cooperation among the relevant associations across the country and abroad.
4. Bringing all relevant associations and runners together through sports events.
5. Advancement of the Marathon.
6. Creation of basketball, volleyball, triathlon, swimming, cycling and other teams and the organization of sports’ events.
7. Creation of a sports’ club and a sports’ library.
8. The organization of athletic conferences and lectures as well as other social events.
9. Lepanto Runners encourage “fair play” and promote the spirit of sportsmanship
Members’ Rights and Obligations
1. Member’s can become people over 18 years old regardless sex, religion or nationality. Members should be inspired by the athletic spirit and should accept the statute of the organization and the decisions of the general meetings.
2. Membership may be obtained following request, a consistent proposal by three members and the decision of the Board.
3. One that loves sports may become friend of the Organization, with all the rights and obligations of a member apart from the right of vote.
4. Greeks and foreigners that have contributed in the goals of the Organization may become Honorary Members after the Board’s decision without an obligation of subscription.
5. Each member has the right to withdraw from the Organization after a written statement, disclosed to the Board. No outgoing member has any right over the property of the Organization.
More info: lepantorunners.gr