At the North side of the Port Square one can see a group of imposing buildings that attract attention and interest of anyone who sees it for the first time. It is the “Botsari Tower”. The Tower was built in two phases, within the 15th and 16th century and was many times used as the residence of the local governors. Immediately after the liberation of Nafpaktos in 1829 the building came into the possession of the Soulioti general Notis Botsaris. Today the tower belongs to the “Dimitrios and Egli re Foundation” and hosts a year-round exhibition of replica paintings, maps and designs related to the Battle of Lepanto (1571 A.D.). At the Dimos Farmakis Square, in city centre, one will come across with traditional cafes and restaurants. Next to the square one will locate a private museum, the “Farmakis – 1821’s Artefacts Museum” with valuable exhibits of the liberation struggle of the Farmakis family.


In 1976, the local doctor Nikos Papanikolaou was inspired to gather items of folk art, old books, photographs and anything else that could be considered as important for an exhibition. He bought a doll and dressed it with the local costume and then he put it in the window, he wrote a sign with the words “Folk Art” and so he set up a small “museum” in the village square. So at least he likes to say not to believe. Later he rented shop in the square, carrying the “Folk Art” in it. He also changed the sign and called it “Museum”. The local Tourism Association but also a small library was housed in the same room. He then brought a TV since there were few in the village back then and later also a cine-projector for people can enjoy winter evenings with movies since the cafe closed very early. The doctor and the all the locals were very proud for this creation but a time came when the space was no longer sufficient for the number of exhibits. A friend and colleague Aristide Dimitrakopoulos also form Platanos then came along to donate his father’s shop to the local Tourism Association in order to accommodate Folk Museum which is now a jewel for Platanos.


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